Coming soon: Cyber Horde raid

2018-09-23 14:20:45


On September 25, the exclusive Cyber Horde raid will appear in the game, currently available only on Xbox. Take part in the early access stage and get into battle before anyone else!

In a secret region of Eastern Europe lies the Blackwood laboratory, where inhumane experiments were performed on people in the aim of creating obedient cybernetic soldiers. But one day, the subjects eliminated the guards and broke free. Are you surprised by such a turn of events? Neither are we.

The manufacturing complex continues to work at full power, expanding this terrible army with each passing minute. Blackwood's forces successfully escaped the region, and now only a Warface squad stands between these enraged creatures and millions of civilians.

Our only chance to stop this insanity is to reach the laboratory and disable the equipment using a powerful electromagnetic pulse. A special machine will help you do this. Your mission is to escort it to the destination.

Good luck, soldiers!

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