Early access has begun!

2018-09-25 07:31:17


We are pleased to report that early access has begun on Xbox! It goes without saying that new content is here too, including exclusive content available only on Xbox! To log into the game at this stage, you'll need an early access pack. This is a great opportunity to not only play the game before others, but also get unique gold versions of guns available now only!

Escape from Anubis Raid

This raid is a direct sequel to Anubis. The soldiers of the Warface squad have successfully destroyed the cybersoldier factory, but the evacuation is under threat: the helicopter has been shot down, a sandstorm rages all around, and your connection to HQ has been lost. Can the squad escape this tough situation?

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Cyber Horde Raid

Hundreds of cybernetic soldiers have escaped a Blackwood laboratory, and now the people of an entire region of Eastern Europe are in deadly danger. The only way to destroy this terrible army is to disable the laboratory equipment.

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Capture PvP Mode

The basis for this mode is the classic game of Capture the Flag. The attacking side’s objective is to get a briefcase with launch codes and delver them to a safe drop-off point. The defenders must prevent them from doing that at all costs, and if the enemy gets the codes, they should return the precious cargo back to their base. Eliminating the entire opposing team will also result in victory.

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Bag and Tag PvP Mode - Exclusively on Xbox!

If you're not used to relying on others and consider yourself a lone wolf, then this mode is just what you need! You have no friends here: you can only count on your own reflexes and hunting instincts. And those will definitely come in handy here!

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PvP Maps

A multitude of new PvP maps await you, and some are available only to Xbox players!

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