Golden guns in store

2019-11-22 09:21:15


Four impressive golden guns for brilliant victories have hit the game store! Riflemen will be able to extend their arsenal with the legendary rifle M16A3 Custom, Meds can get their hands on the tactical pump-action Fabarm STF 12 Compact, Engineers — on a stealthy submachine gun Honey Badger, and Snipers — on the heavy English rifle AS50. 

Золотая M16A3 Custom
Golden M16A3 Custom
Золотой Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Golden Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Золотой Honey Badger
Golden Honey Badger
Золотая AS50
Golden AS50

Naturally, by killing enemies with these precious golden weapons you will be able to achieve memorable distinctions.


Which weapon will you try in battle first?

Moreover, there are two classic models up for grabs. Though not golden, they pack a superb punch. So next time your rivals will think twice before getting engaged into a combat against you. We are glad to present the shotgun MAG-7 and the assault rifle Beretta ARX160!

See you in game!

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The time has come to acquire supreme golden guns. These amazing weapons will help you to show the enemies who is the boss while your comrades will definitely want to have one to themselves.
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Increased in-game rewards
We are grateful to everyone who showcased understanding, when we experienced technical problems on the hosting platform in Amsterdam, and we want to thank you with increased in-game rewards - there will be up to + 100% bonuses!
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