PvE-event "Multipurpose weapons"

2019-11-21 11:26:05


Autumn is advancing relentlessly. The sky is all clouded and grey, it has been raining several days running. One feels like wrapping himself in a cosy plaid, sit on the window cill with a steaming cup of vanilla coffee in hand and think about it — the new Ranked Matches season with cool additional rewards that will start next Tuesday. But Warface fighters are not prone to autumn melancholy! It's time to equip your favourite guns and start the new PvE-event "Multipurpose weapons" that will yield ... multipurpose weapons. Very unexpected, isn't it?

Shake off autumn gloom, get a bright Sapper shovel and go rock 'n roll!


Set off on "Hard" PvE-missions, return with flying colors and get a flashy Sapper shovel "Anti-Cyborg" for 2 days. You can get an unlimited number of rewards meaning that every successfully completed task will prolong the item duration!

The field of application of a sapper shovel

Are you wondering what can be done with this rough (as it might seem) item? More than you could imagine! Using the shovel you can:

  • dig potatoes;
  • rapidly kill an enemy;
  • bury the enemy;
  • build a sandcastle;
  • dig a dugout;
  • survive a zombie apocalypse (+100% damage to cyborgs);
  • dig up treasure;
  • brag to your friends.

See you in game!

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