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2019-04-23 10:42:45


Every day, Warface players get event notifications in the game—for example, about rewards for reaching a new rank, when time is running out to get limited-time equipment, and so on. Almost all these notifications appear in pop-up windows that cover the game interface and require action on the player's part.

As part of improving the user interface, we added a special inbox for game notifications that acts as a separate menu. This innovation will relocate pop-ups so they don't clutter the main screen, and will store various in-game messages in one convenient place until you have time to read them, after which they will be removed.

All game communications that don't require immediate action on the player's part will be stored in this inbox. This includes the following notifications:

  • item or bonus received for logging in
  • non-equipped limited-time item expiring
  • new special offer received
  • new personal message received
  • you were added to someone's buddy list
  • friend request results
  • clan invitations
  • completion or failed contracts and more

Game messages that require immediate reaction from the user will not be included here, for example, an equipped item expiring, as well as a number of others. These types of messages will be displayed on top of other interface elements as before, bypassing the mailbox.

The new game messages inbox can be accessed via the envelope icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen (where you used to get notifications about new special offers). In the notification menu, you will see a list of all your unread notifications, each with a brief description and an icon indicating the notification type. A small tooltip in the main menu will signal new incoming messages. Pressing it will open the notification view in a separate menu.

We hope you will find the new notifications menu convenient!

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