New packs for stunning victories

2019-03-29 13:52:01


The new Silver Edition” and “Gold Edition” are up for grabs. No matter how many operations you’ve successfully completed, these kits will be useful for Warface recruits and for battle-hardened veterans. Begin your ascension to glory and power!

Silver Edition

Comprises an assault rifle and a K.I.W.I. version of a merciless machete knife, a Mega VIP-Booster and 1000 Kredits (premium currency).

KA-BAR Kukri Machete

Mega VIP-Booster (30 days)

1000 Kredits

Gold Edition

Comprises six K.I.W.I. guns for all classes including a pistol and a merciless machete knife, a Mega VIP-Booster and 2000 Kredits (premium currency).

Uzi Pro
Gepard GM6 Lynx
H.G.C. Custom

KA-BAR Kukri Machete

Mega VIP-Booster (90 days)

2000 Kredits

More about the K.I.W.I. series

These arms feature excellent combat specs and bold looks: carved fancy patterns and a red skull on the side imply that your enemies will soon be blast into kingdom come. With these guns no challenge is too great!


The achievements are especially appetizing. Landing 10 000 kills with the corresponding weapon model will grant you a sleek achievement.

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