Horrendous weapons of mass destruction

2019-03-29 08:37:57


Jesters can take April Fool’s Day off! Hundreds of operations successfully completed, thousands of enemies eliminated and... oh... it wasn’t a good idea to wrap pancakes in the script, the hell with it — what I mean to say is that now you are experienced enough to be trusted mass destruction weapons. From now on you can wield weapons of incredible destruction capability!

Aquatic Assassinator

Its waterpark toy looks are deceptive. Clean up on the battlefield melting the enemies. They may duck and cover, but there's no escape from your rain of terror.

Digger of Doom

Chopping those who dare stand in your way into pieces and digging them a grave on the playgrounds of war is child's play if you are equipped with this plastic beast of a melee weapon. That's what I call decent plastic surgery.

Wooden Hammer

WAIT! HAMMER TIME! This day-to-day instrument hides the mighty technology rivalling that of Thor's mythical weapon. It is also deals increased damage to unicorns even if they are racing away at full speed.

Gun Glove

A crazy body modification professor created this dark miracle. They say he sold his soul to the devil for you to feel the power at your fingertips!

Banana Claymore

The best snack for the enemy tempted by its appetizing looks. Make fun of your opponents. Put a banana under their feet and knock them down!


Deal 100500 damage with the Digger of Doom or the Aquatic Assassinator and pin a custom stripe to your profile.

Can you land 10, 20 or 30 kills with the Gun Glove? Yes, you can! A glorious achievement set is awaiting!

Do you have the guts to knife 250 Heavy Gunners while sliding in "Tower Raid"? Go ahead and get a special achievement!

Plan B

If you are more into conventional weapons, check out the shop for awesome golden guns. These models are delightful to use. They also unlock amazing custom stripes. Your opponents will be green with envy!

Golden PKP Pecheneg

Golden Fostech Origin-12
Golden Desert Tech MDR-C
Golden Remington MSR

Swear you are up to no good!

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