Nanosuits and discounts up to 40%

2019-01-04 10:58:36


The game shop's now featuring futuristic gear, flashy weapons and tempting discounts!


What you're looking at is some top-of-the-line cutting edge technology designed for special forces. As a matter of fact, this is most likely just the way soldiers will look like in future! Perfected anatomic design, these skins project impressive power while still looking militarily neat. Apart from that, each such Nanosuit set grants two bonuses: "+10 to attention from other Warface players" and "+5 to superiority over your enemy". You can select the male or female Nanosuit skins for any class.



Please note that character skins are purely cosmetic and have no effect on character stats. However, camouflage can be helpful in blending in with specific environment while also making you stand out in lineups.

Anubis series

You can now find the full Anubis series in the shop. A mix of gold, blue, fiery orange and black catches the eye, while the weapon specs are a fine match to their base versions — you'll be sure to cope with any combat encounter!

Full weapon and achievement list
Anubis AK-103

Anubis MSBS Radon

Anubis Sidewinder Venom

Anubis Viper

Anubis PP-19 Bizon

Anubis PP-2000

Anubis COLT Python Elite

Anubis Walther P99

Anubis ORSIS T-5000

Anubis Alpine


Your Icebreaker collection can now be expanded — this weapon set is now 20% off! If you've been waiting for a sign, this is it!

Icebreaker M16A3 Custom
Icebreaker STF 12 Compact
20% off!
Icebreaker Steyr Scout
Icebreaker Honey Badger
Icebreaker SIG Sauger P226 C

Need more guns? It's alright, no such thing as too much. Grab 5 more, now 40% off!

Fabarm STF 12 Compact
40% off!
Saiga Bullpup
Glock 18C
XM8 Compact

See you in battle!

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