Mech 2300

2019-01-06 15:03:32


Without a shadow of a doubt, the manned Mech 2300 can be called one of the most dangerous enemies in Warface. This massive, manned, legged tank is a serious challenge for even an experienced squad: its large-caliber machine gun will turn anyone into a bloody pulp in seconds, its rockets will tear apart the shelter that seemed so safe, and its strong armor makes the weapon in your hands almost useless. How did this steel monster appear, and how do you defeat it? Let’s find out!

Development History

During a regulation special operation in the Middle East, Blackwood forces faced an unknown enemy that had never been accounted for in military conflicts. A small squad of 5 soldiers totally destroyed the corporation’s advance party. They were real professionals: they attacked suddenly, acted quickly, and shot accurately. And so went their first, but certainly not their last, encounter with Warface units. After several months of hard confrontation, Oberon White, one of the heads of the corporation, realized that this war could not be won by ordinary mercenaries, so it was time to deploy one of their top-secret developments: the experimental Mech 2300.

In the early twenties, the first prototype of this machine was designed for civilian purposes and had no weaponry whatsoever. The robot was intended to be used for debris removal, including in dangerous and aggressive conditions. But due to lack of funding, the project was put on hold, and later completely shut down. A few years later, the blueprints fell into the hands of one of the best Blackwood specialists: engineer Kiman, the head of the technical division. This time around, funding was almost unlimited, and the Mech 2300 underwent a number of changes, the purpose and function of which could hardly be called civilian.

Weaponry and weak spots

This robot is armed with large-caliber machine gun and an advanced SSM-F1 ground-to-ground missile system. Its composite alloy armor is reinforced with reactive armor, making this machine almost invulnerable to ordinary weapons. The first models, which were immediately sent into battle, had a critical failure: the cockpit glass was not durable enough, and the machine took serious damage under fire. But this problem was fixed in later models. Today, the Achilles heel of the Mech 2300 is the power source at the very top of the machine—but getting to it is not an easy task. The only way is to land some clean shots on the cockpit with a handheld grenade launcher. After receiving extensive damage, the defensive forcefield overheats the cooling system, which causes main generator control unit failure and requires the pilot to reboot it manually. At this moment, the machine loses control and falls to the ground, revealing its only weak spot.

The Mech 2300 is constantly being modified. Several models have been observed with rocket engines that allow this monster to take to the air for a short while. What other surprises does the Blackwood engineering division have? Will Warface be able to defeat this dangerous enemy? Time will tell.

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