Festive update hits the shop!

2018-12-18 10:23:57


Our frontline forces have seized an enemy warehouse during a spec op in Lapland. Surprisingly, the facility wasn't guarded, unless you're counting the nine reindeer frolicking nearby. What does Blackwood have to do with them? This is looking weird... Well, either way, check out all the loot in the game shop now!

Festive weapon series

Do NOT toy around with these! First impressions are often mistaken, and even more so — fatal. These are the robust, contemporary weapons of war, suited only to the harhest, toughest of mercenaries... oh, would you look at those pretty stars on the ACR, and that bow tie on the Alpine... Where was I? Oh yeah, tough weapons.

Go on a full rampage with these guns and let nothing stop you from getting awesome achievements.

But that bow tie's so pretty.

Festive armor series

Well, let's not beat around the bush: this armor's not for camouflage, but you're bound to end up in the spotlight at any party! Among other things, it'll stop you from freezing while messing around outdoors, just make sure you grab some extra ammo to keep all the fun going! By the way, the vest'll help you with that: additional pockets allow you to carry extra ammo for your primary and secondary weapons!


Cool guys don't look back at explosions. What a pity, aren't they just awesome? Especially when you're talking about the festive Christmas grenades with a unique explosion effect followed by bewildered and bewildering screams of your enemies, cough, victims. They'll be blown away! Well, you get the picture — these "surprise" mines can be planted by all classes, even Medics and Riflemans.

Ho-ho-ho, soldiers!

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