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2018-12-15 11:42:31


The December update brings you new PvP maps. You’re about to fight the enemy team on the hot sands of Nevada, storm the enemy position in urban areas, defuse the bomb at the top of a skyscraper, hold the control positions in severely snowy mountains, and even storm an oil rig. Get ready for battle!

Trailer Park map, Team Deathmatch mode

Enemy soldiers have surfaced in a suburb of a small Nevada city near an airport. Whatever they are planning doesn't bode well for us, so we won’t wait around for trouble—we’ll strike first. Intelligence is trying to pick up some more information about this area, and we suggest you don’t waste any time. Equip and check your gear, the helicopter is heading out soon!

The zone of action here is a typical American suburb. The battlefield is full of single-story houses, trailers, hangars, technical facilities, and desert flora. Pay attention to the airport next to this sector. Planes flying over this zone sometimes turn it into a dust storm, and visibility falls to zero.

Destination map, Plant the Bomb mode

Intelligence sources picked up information that the enemy is planning to plant a bomb inside a skyscraper in the Asian region. We have two transmitters on the roof of this skyscraper, and we need airtight security on them. If the enemy destroys even one of these transmitters, it would simultaneously disrupt several important special ops in this region. We absolutely cannot let that happen.

The roof itself is not particularly big, but it has several levels: ventilation shafts, greenhouses and crawl spaces, so there are plenty of ways to get to the point. Make sure you watch all around you—attack forces can appear from anywhere!

Game Achievements on the Destination map

Place first 25 / 50 / 100 times

Win 10 / 25 / 50 matches

Invasion map, Storm mode

Enemy intelligence picked up information about the location of a laboratory developing limited-scope nuclear weapons. If the enemies get into the territory, they’ll get not only documents and warheads, but also lots of radioactive materials. And this is all inside a densely populated urban block! To control the sector, we need to capture three key points, in order, one by one. You must get there before the enemy soldiers do!

You’ll have to fight in urban areas. Densely-packed buildings, with old and new ones side by side. The highest points will most likely be ocсupied by snipers, because they can easily keep most areas in their sights. We recommend you find ways around them, and don’t forget to watch your step—there might be mines among the trash. Good luck, soldiers!

Platform map, Blitz mode

The object is a two-story oil rig in the Atlantic ocean near the southern shores of Argentina. There is a massive bomb on the upper floor, and, well, you know what to do.

The defense team will have to split up to hold the position: the attackers have 4 points where they can penetrate with explosives, the main gates, and the upper floor, where you can make a silent entrance with a teammate’s help. Time is short, but don’t rush—the enemy engineers are almost certainly mining paths to the bomb.

While preparing for the onslaught, you might feel like someone is watching you. Take a look at the nearby ice floes—now you have a support team! And don’t worry about the secrecy of this operation. This audience isn’t about to tell anyone what they see.

Game Achievements on the Platform map

Place first 25 / 50 / 100 times

Win 10 / 25 / 50 matches

Subzero map, Domination mode

It’s time to head back to the snowy mountains again. You probably remember this place—the Cold Peak raid took place here not long ago. We’ve lost contact with that team, but our engineers believe that if we capture the enemy control points, we can get the information we need and find out more about what happened to our soldiers. But the enemy squad never sleeps—if they upload the virus into the system, it’s all over.

The battle will take place in harsh winter conditions. You can move between objects in the open, or through the trenches if you want to double back on the enemy and surprise them. Use the technical facilities and landscape to hide, but don’t get caught up in just shooting, because your main objective is to capture and hold the control points. Permanent control of at least two of them will earn you a clear victory.

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