New items in the game shop!

2018-10-08 22:00:11


Prior to going on a mission - have a look at the game shop. There excellent weapons and body camo await. With such equipment no obstacle will stop you!

Anubis Weapon Series

Meet the new unusual addition to the store — the shiny "Anubis" weapon series! You can get your hands on these guns featuring an exclusive camo pattern: the PP-2000 PDW, AK-103 assault rifle, Sidewinder Venom shotgun, Alpine sniper rifle. All four weapons belonging to this series have a memorable look to them, while their stats remain unchanged from the original weapons, so you'll have no trouble dispatching your enemies!

Reaching a total of 15000 killing blows with these awesome guns will land you unique stripes that'll customize your profile and prove a perfect badge of honor!

Earth Shaker Weapon Series

The guns in this series are inspired by the Earth Shaker raid: cracks run along their frames, making it clear that these weapons are literally loaded with primal power! You can purchase the Earth Shaker series ACR assault rifle, Mossberg 500 Custom shotgun, SCAR-L PDW submachine gun, and McMillan CS5 sniper rifle in the store right now.

Eliminate 15,000 enemies using the guns from this series, and you'll get special stripes.

Before you pick up an Earth Shaker series weapon, don't forget to put on some fire-resistant gloves!

"Anti-Cyborg" weapon series

This special series does not only look intimidating and powerful but it also possesses an additional parameter - increased damage against all Cyborgs. With such guns even a horde of these monstrous creatures will not prevent you from completing your objectives!

On top of that - unique achievements can be obtained for obliterating foes with the weapons of this series


These character skins look exactly as the armor of the future should. Their perfect anatomic measurements and strict military look clearly demonstrate your power. This equipment bundle also comes with two bonuses: "+10 attention from other Warface players" and "+5 sense of superiority over the enemy."

Other New Items

Except for that, four more superb weapons await for you in the store - these can be purchased permanently for Kredits or temporarily for Warface Dollars.

SIG 551
FN P90
CheyTac M200

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to add to your arsenal and try out a new piece in battle!

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