Nuclear Series

2019-05-17 08:36:12


Nuclear series guns are back in the game shop: Beretta ARX160, MAG-7, Honey Badger and AX308 are all waiting for you. These weapons are all made using sedrium, which really shines a nice green and even dimly glows in the dark. Don't worry about being exposed to it: there's no radiation here. The technical stats of the guns in this series are on point, so your enemies are going to have a rough time!

For destroying enemies with this weapon, there are colorful patches as rewards.

You can buy the weapons of this series for Kredits at a fixed price or try your luck by opening the corresponding boxes.


After you stock up on weapons, don't forget to think about your character skin. Right now you can get cutting-edge Aurora squad combat exosuits and uniforms at a great discount!

30% discount on Aurora exosuits and uniforms!

See you on the battlefield!

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