"VIP-club" contract already in game!

2021-09-02 10:05:50


Want to earn a lot of cool rewards and have fun? It's time to mix business with pleasure: the new "VIP-club" contract is already in game! Every Mega VIP-booster owner can now complete a "VIP-club" contract for free — and get a temporary or permanent gun. Good deal for those thriving for victories, don't you think? 

  • The contract can be activated every 24 hours 
  • The contract is absolutely free for Mega VIP owners 
  • Permanent or temporary (for 3 hours) guns can be obtained 
  • The event will be live until 07:00 GMT (09:00 CEST) on September 25th.

Hurry up to fulfill the contract and get amazing rewards!

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