Game Update - 16.04.2021

2021-04-16 14:29:01


In this update, you will have the opportunity to participate in dynamic skirmishes on the vibrant and atmospheric "Ruins" map for the Capture mode. Use a variety of combat tactics with special mechanics. Also in the game you will find two new contracts.

New map “Ruins“

On the new map "Ruins" for the "Capture" mode, you will be able to enjoy a hot tropical climate and employ a variety of strategies. The confrontation between Blackwood and Warface will unfold among ancient ruins located in Africa. Watch out - the site has wicked surprises in store.

The jungle and stone tunnels are full of dangerous areas that you can use to gain a tactical advantage and restrict the enemies’ freedom of movement. Use levers and switches to change the topology of the location while playing and lure enemies into ancient traps.

The aim of the attacking team is to seize a case with a decryption key. The task of the defending side is to keep data secret by all means. Find a clue to the secrets of Blackwood!

New contracts

The update also features two new contracts — "Desert Dogs" and "Hound of War", which will be active until the 30th of April. Hurry up to demonstrate your fighting skills and get unique rewards.

See you in battle, soldiers. Beware of traps!

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