Discounts on "Winter Camo" and other guns!

2018-11-30 09:36:27


Missed the Black Friday sales? No worries, we've got you covered with some great picks for this season, including the "Winter Camo" that speaks for itself!

Discounts on the "Winter Camo" series

This is your main go-to set for winter warfare, both for its distinctive pattern and improved combat stats. No time better to get these guns, now that they're 20% off! Give them a good run once you get them — each gun comes with its own unqiue stripe for combat kills!

20% off!
M4A1 Winter Camo
H&K MP5 Winter Camo
Saiga Winter Camo
Сайга «Буран»
H&K USP Winter Camo
Stripe for 999 combat kills
AWM Winter Camo

Other discounts

You can get 4 more guns at a great price. These will prove useful in any combat encounter!

20% off!
RPD Custom

See you in battle!

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