Micro-Roni CAA and the "Absolute" series in shop now

2018-12-07 13:04:47


Check out the newest addition to the shop: for the first time ever, featuring the Micro-Roni CAA SMG and the "Absolute" series guns sporting a fine neon-jade finish.

Micro-Roni CAA

They say, "Best things come in small packages" — and one couldn't describe Micro-Roni CAA any better! Its lethal combination of high damage (up to 82 points), superb accuracy and soft recoil translate into outstanding combat performance, while the magazine carries enough rounds to fire consecutive long bursts without wasting time on reloading too often.


Apart from that, Micro-Roni CAA comes with unique attachments: first up we have a Hartman MH1 1.4x Fast Zoom collimator sight, laser grip (substantially increases hipfire accuracy, slightly reduces recoil and crosshair sway) and a custom grip (slightly increases hipfire accuracy, reduces recoil and crosshair sway).

These attachments can help dish out the best performance out of the SMG right during the fight!

"Absolute" weapon series

This series boasts a bold design, catching the eye with its neon-jade finish. As of now the shops are updated with the unorthodox melee weapon: the Black Hawk tactical axe and three pistols. All guns share combat specs with their original versions, thus being a universal pick for any gunfight!

See you in the game!

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