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2022-03-24 16:53:01
Aim Assist in game: Survey Results
Recently, we have seen a lot of feedback regarding Aim Assist in the game. Thus, we carried out a survey on our Discord server. Check out the results!
2022-03-21 14:28:34
"Rock Solid" update — already in game!
New BP, RM season, reworked PvP-maps as well as Saint Patrick's Day celebration are waiting for you!
2022-03-17 11:36:59
Warblog - March 13th
A new seasonal update is on its way. Meanwhile we have launched several activities and a special Ranked Matches season that offers exceptional rewards!
2022-03-13 17:35:25
Soon in game: Battle Pass "Rock Solid"
A new Battle Pass season "Rock Solid" will soon be launched!
2022-03-11 11:39:51
Awaiting the update together: PvE event, RM season and Increased Rewards
A new seasonal update is on its way. Meanwhile, to make the wait feel shorter, we have launched a special PvE event and Ranked Matches season that offers exceptional rewards!
2022-03-10 07:31:10
Console F.A.Q. Recap — February
We are back with the answers to the most frequently asked questions - check them out!
2022-03-01 11:09:25
Agent "Viking" already in game!
A new agent Einar Fredriksson, known as Agent Viking, has joined the ranks of fighters.
2022-02-18 08:44:36
Warblog — February 12th
The most romantic day of the year filled with love, tenderness and warm hugs is nearly here.
2022-02-12 18:44:26
Game Update — Changelog [10.02.22]
This minor update features a few weapon novelties and some bug fixes. Read the details!
2022-02-11 15:37:50