Game Shop Update: 6 of March

2020-03-06 05:28:34


Have you already caught the excitement of springtime? It is time to top up your armory and rush into battle! New guns available via Direct Sale and "Great Gatsby" weapon boxes will come in handy.

New arms available via Direct Sale:

Desert Tech MDR‐C
Desert Tech MDR‐C
Steyr Scout
Steyr Scout

Eliminate your enemies in style with "Great Gatsby" guns!


Stoner LMG A1 «Люкс»
Stoner LMG A1 «Great Gatsby»
Marlin 1894 Custom «Люкс»
Marlin 1894 Custom «Great Gatsby»
Thompson M1928 «Люкс»
Thompson M1928 «Great Gatsby»
Maxim 9 «Люкс»
Maxim 9 «Great Gatsby»
H&K G28 «Люкс»
H&K G28 «Great Gatsby»

Hail to spring!

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