Upgraded "Godfather" series

2019-12-05 09:01:00


We have received extensive feedback on the "Godfather" gun series. Many players have appreciated the unique animation when the barrel heats up while eliminating enemies, extraordinary weapon design and specs that equal those of golden models. At the same time, some players are disappointed by the lack of barrel attachments for some guns. Indeed, attachments cannot be installed on the series weapons due to the one-off animation. Is there anything we can do? We have considered various options and arrived at the following decision. The most popular barrel attachment, the suppressor, will give bonuses.

Certain "Godfather" weapons will now have a suppressor bonus

The weapon will carry no attachments on the barrel, but the suppressor bonus will be active all the time. Thus, the weapon has conserved all its advantages and become even stronger. Please note that the bonus applies only to the models that are supposed to be equipped with a suppressor. Thompson M1928, Winchester 1887 and KA-BAR Kukri Machete remain unchanged.

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