2019-12-16 12:40:31


Free for All mode is getting a new map in the upcoming update: Red Sand. As you can tell from the name, the action unfolds on the red planet among the Martian colony structures you might remember from the Mars special operation. We guarantee you're going to love this location!


On Mars, you'll experience not only unique views, but also reduced gravity. This might make movement feel a little unusual. You'll move slower, but jump higher and farther. This will make for new, exciting gameplay and a whole lot of fun!

The map is full of long open areas, but there are tight passageways as well, which means you'll feel at home no matter your playstyle.

And it wouldn't be Mars without SEDs! Red Sand will have only robots, and they'll look the same as in the Mars special operation. Soldiers will be armed with ARCUS energy weapons, which have several firing modes: assault automatic and tactical semi-automatic. ARCUS weapons can be used continuously without recharging if you don't let them overheat.

Don't worry, we didn't forget the Easter eggs! Once you're in battle, we suggest you look around carefully and check every corner.

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