Black Friday in Warface

2019-11-28 12:42:05


It is widely believed that brutal fighters do not go shopping but things change when Black Friday arrives! Excellent guns at up to 60% off, character skins and a bundle of boosters are waiting for you. It's time to power level your soldier!


At least once in his life gazing at the shop window every soldier could not make up his mind what weapon to choose: to buy a powerful shotgun or opt for a rifle? Or perhaps for a reliable pistol? So many excellent options ... Ponder no more, grab them all! 18 beautiful guns at a discount are already waiting for you in the game store.

Classic models at 60% off
M16A3 Custom
M16A3 Custom
Saiga Bullpup
Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Tavor CTAR-21
Tavor CTAR-21
M14 Crazy Horse
M14 Crazy Horse
Dragunov SVU-AS
CZ 75 Czech Mate Parrot
CZ 75 Czech Mate Parrot
Golden models at 50% off
Золотая HCAR
Golden HCAR
Золотая M16A3 Custom
Golden M16A3 Custom
Золотая «Сайга‐12С»
Golden Saiga Bullpup
Золотой Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Golden Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Золотой Micro-RONI CAA
Golden Micro-RONI CAA
Золотой Tavor CTAR-21
Golden Tavor CTAR-21
Золотая M14 Crazy Horse
Golden M14 Crazy Horse
Золотая СВУ-АС
Golden Dragunov SVU-AS
Золотой CZ 75 Czech Mate Parrot
Golden CZ 75 Czech Mate Parrot

You can acquire all these weapons via direct sale or try your luck opening the corresponding boxes. By the way, the boxes are also available at a pleasant discount: you can buy the first one for only 16 Kredits, the next ones will be even cheaper!


Would you like to stand out on the battlefield and conceal your equipment from prying eyes? Then character looks are what you need. There are five skin bundles at your disposal - choose the one to your liking and rush into battle. Enemies will long remember the way you look!

Skin bundles at 50% off

French FBS

SAS Squad
Иконка SAS 1.pngИконка SAS 2.png
Иконка SAS 3.pngИконка SAS 4.png
Guerrilla Squad
ЧВ штурмовик.pngЧВ медик.pngЧВ инженер.pngЧВ снайпер.png
Aurora Squad
Аврора штурм.pngМедик аврора склад.pngИнж аврора.pngСнайп аврора склад.png

Please note that the discount applies only to bundles and not to a class-specific skin.


It is always great to have powerful weapons and a menacing skin, but you will need other useful Vendor items to play comfortably. Do not forget about levelling up. Your high rank will show immediately that you are a battle-hardened veteran and you mean business. What is the fastest way to get a bunch of Warface Dollars? The answer is obvious - get a bundle of Boosters which is now offered at a 50% discount!

Full Booster bundle at 50% off!

The bundle includes a regular VIP Booster, a Mega VIP Booster and three 15% Boosters. Boosters of different types can be stacked, so you will immediately get the maximum gain possible: + 195% VP, + 295% XP and +255% WF$.

Please note that the discount applies only to the bundle and not to separate Boosters.

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