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2019-11-12 09:36:32


Would you like to dominate the battlefield? These arms will help you achieve the goal! Reliable classic models and eye-catching golden guns are already awaiting you in the game store. Top up your armory and rush into the heat of the combat!

Golden models

The assault rifle FN FAL DSA-58 and the submachine gun CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1 are making their return to the game shop, now they feature flashy golden versions! They boast excellent specs, spectacular looks, increased damage to all kinds of cyborgs — such guns will make you almost invincible even if good luck changes the sides.

By the way, by killing 999 enemies with each weapon you can get memorable stripes.

You can acquire FN FAL DSA-58 and CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1 via direct sale in the game shop or try your luck opening corresponding boxes.

Classic models

There are excellent guns for other classes as well: the Fostech Origin-12, a shotgun with a drum magazine, and the automatic sniper rifle M14 Crazy Horse. It is especially convenient that the permanent versions of these arms are available for Kredits as well as for Crowns.

Permanent Fostech Origin-12 and M14 Crazy Horse for Crowns

See you in game!

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