New weapon top-up

2019-10-22 13:28:06


The new weapon supply features a series of cool items: the weapon series “Anti-Cyborg”, the Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom and other models. It’s time to arm yourselves to the teeth!

Special series “Anti-Cyborg”

The special “Anti-Cyborg” weapon series is now at your disposal. These guns with striking looks use unique munitions dealing increased damage (up to +250%) to all cyborgs. Such arms will come in handy during the dangerous raid “Cyber Horde”!

XM8 LMG «Каратель»
XM8 LMG “Anti-Cyborg”
 «Вепрь» «Каратель»
Vepr “Anti-Cyborg”
ПП-19 «Бизон» «Каратель»
PP-19 Bizon “Anti-Cyborg”
Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue «Каратель»
Tavor STAR-21 Navy Blue “Anti-Cyborg”
FN Five-seveN «Каратель»
Sapper shovel “Anti-Cyborg”
Саперная лопатка «Каратель»
FN Five-seveN “Anti-Cyborg”


The classic weapon line-up also offers excellent options: the Golden version of the submachine gun SIG MPX SBR Custom, firing four-round bursts, a mind-blowing automatic shotgun USAS-12 with a large-capacity 20-round magazine, a deadly assault rifle Type 97 and a lethal gran calibre precision rifle Bushmaster BA50.

Золотой SIG MPX SBR Custom
Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom
Type 97
Type 97
Bushmaster BA50
Bushmaster BA50

You can obtain these guns via direct sale in the game shop or try your luck opening corresponding boxes.

See you in game!

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