"Mars" Update: part 2

2019-10-22 10:32:03


The second part of the October update has already landed on the game servers. A dynamic PvP map based on the "Mars" raid, excellent weapons, new gear and much more are waiting for you. Be first to check out the novelties! 

Hollywood PvP Map

Destruction Mode has gained a new map — Hollywood. The gameplay is different from the mode's previous maps in that new approaches and favorable positions will be available to the losing, not the winning, team. Hollywood is a film set with all the corresponding features — professional equipment, props, and the big screens required for chroma keying among them.

The map is divided into several zones, the most important of which — The Core — is in the central location. It's here that the fiercest battles are fought for the chance to set off pyrotechnics. Find out more.

Arms and equipment

Four new guns were added at once to the game client and will soon appear in the store. Take your choice from the powerful AK-12 automatic rifle, the Tavor TS12 Custom shotgun firing volleys of three shells at a time, the deadly Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm dealing the highest damage in its class, and the rapid-fire TEC-9 pistol with automatic mode. Find out more.

Please, bear in mind that it may take certain weapons some time to appear in the game

The stats of some guns have changed. Updates affect the Type 97B, Fostech Origin-12, H&K UMP, Kriss Super V Custom, Alpine and MPA 930DMG. Find out more.

The Specter series has expanded! Discover Sigma gloves and Beta gloves and boots. You'll have the chance to get these items after successfully completing the Sunrise and Black Shark raids at Hard level. Find out more.

Перчатки штурмовика «Спектр» (Сигма)
Перчатки медика «Спектр» (Сигма)
Перчатки инженера «Спектр» (Сигма)
Перчатки снайпера «Спектр» (Сигма)
Перчатки инженера «Спектр» (Бета)
Перчатки медика «Спектр» (Бета)
Ботинки медика «Спектр» (Бета)

Other changes

  • Rolling mechanism: a midway position has been added for the character if the move is interrupted — first the character moves into sitting position, and only then into standing position. Furthermore, the process of changing the character's positioning coming out of a roll has become smoother. This allows you to synchronize the position of the player in first-person and third-person view, as well as removing the opportunity to cheat.
  • Smoke Grenades: the visual effect of screening has been improved. Find out more.
  • The set of achievements in the form of national flags has been expanded with new designs: Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, and Tunisia. These achievements are already available in the store!
  • AK-47: The Leupold Deltapoint reflex sight has been returned to the list of modifications without extra bonuses.
  • Battle Royale: Smoke grenades are no longer available in this mode.
  • The texturing of some models of weapon has been optimized.
  • Now when you start to disarm a bomb an alarm goes off, meaning you'll no longer be able to perform this operation unnoticed.

Bugs fixed

The weaponry
  • Mossberg 500 Custom, UTAS UTS-15, MAG-7, Anakon, Saiga-12С, Sidewinder Venom: fixed a bug which caused a character’s left hand in third person view to display wrong when the shotgun was equipped with a standard vest.
  • Mateba Autorevolver: The bug causing the reloading animation to display incorrectly when a 2x scope is fitted to the pistol has been fixed.
  • H&K USP, Browning High Power: The bug causing the pistol to display incorrectly in the character's right hand in first-person view has been fixed.
  • Kriss super V: The icon display in the camouflage menu in storage has been fixed.
  • Kriss Super V Custom: The incorrect position of the weapon in the character's hands when using the Vector tactical grip in third-person view has been fixed.
  • AK-103: The bug which caused the the right hand to be displayed incorrectly in the reloading animation in first-person view has been fixed.
  • Fabarm P.S.S.10: The visual effect of firing has been fixed.
  • Rhino 60 DS: The parameters of all versions of the pistol have been brought into line with the basic model.
  • AK-103, LMG: The bug causing the animation of the left hand to display incorrectly when hitting with the stock has been fixed.
  • Christmas Desert Eagle, Christmas Daewoo K1, AUG A3 9mm XS, Kriss super V: The mistake allowing the player to start firing before reloading had been completed has been fixed.
  • Gold CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot: The bug that meant the pistol had no firing pin has been fixed.
  • CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot: Some displays of the texture of the C-More optical sight have been fixed.
  • Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro: Some displays of the weapon's texture have been fixed.
  • Barrett M98B: The bug in this weapon model has been fixed.
  • M40A5 Beam: The incorrect cost of repair has been fixed.
  • SMG Suppressor: Muzzle flame visual artifact fixed.
  • The bug causing some parameters in the weapon stats comparison menu to display as though the weapon was broken even when condition was 100% has been fixed.
  • MC 255 12: The bug causing the butt of the gun to display incorrectly if the player was in sitting position has been fixed.
  • Benelli Nova tactical: The incorrect texturing of discarded shells has been fixed.
  • AK-47: The bug causing a visual artifact to appear when aiming through the improved attack scope has been fixed.
  • M16 SPR Custom: The visual artifact in the lower left corner when using the rifle has been fixed.
  • Honey Badger: The bug causing the weapon's trigger not to display has been fixed.
  • Gold Beretta ARX160: The color of the standard muzzle sight has been fixed.
  • Taurus Judge: The bug causing a visual artifact to appear if the player moved elements of their surroundings (for example, red squares on the shooting range) has been fixed.
  • Mini Uzi: The bug causing the weapon to display incorrectly in the character's hands in third-person view has been fixed.
  • FN P90: The bug allowing the player to start firing the weapon before the reloading animation was complete has been fixed.
  • AMP DSR-1: The bug that meant the sight hairs could slip down with recoil and not align with the sighting mark when aiming has been fixed.
  • Sapper shovel: The bug which caused the character's hand to display incorrectly in first-person view during extra attack or when moving objects (for example boxes in PvE missions) has been fixed.
  • Sapper helmet for medic and rifleman: The incorrect display of some parts of the helmet when equipped with some types of vest has been fixed.
  • Christmas Engineer Helmet: The incorrect display of the helmet on some characters has been fixed.
  • Christmas sniper helmet: The incorrect display of some parts of the helmet when equipped with some types of vest has been fixed.
  • The bug causing the match start timer in some situations in Quick Game to work incorrectly when one player was excluded from the room has been fixed.
  • The bug that meant in ranking matches and in Quick Game rooms were sometimes not generated has been fixed.
  • The bug due to which in observer mode the hands and weapons of characters sometimes didn't display if a new player joined during a match has been fixed.
  • Farm (Sunset): The bug that sometimes caused visual artifacts to appear on the map has been fixed.
  • Platform: The bug that sometimes caused visual artifacts to appear on the map has been fixed.
  • Platform: The bug that gave unintended advantages to the Blackwood team has been fixed.
  • Platform: Unintended firing has been removed.
  • Platform: The bug causing grenades to fall through the ground in certain places on the ma has been fixed.
  • Residence: Unintended firing on the map has been removed.
  • Factory: The incorrect model of optical sight at the Overhang location has been fixed.
  • Siberia: A visual bug at a certain point on the map has been fixed.
  • District: The bug causing the bomb model to hang in the air if equipped when sitting on the edge of the car roof has been fixed.
  • District: The bug that meant a bomb could be thrown into a car without the possibility of taking it out again has been fixed.
  • District: The bug that meant a bomb on the roof of the truck at Point 2 could be disarmed from the ground has been fixed.
  • Plant the Bomb: The bug that caused delayed sound when an engineer was disarming bombs, giving unintended advantages, has been fixed.
  • Capture: The bug that meant that on the post-match stats screen a case with launch codes could display instead of the figure of the fighter if the player who picked it up in the previous round had left the battle early has been fixed.
  • Africa: The bug which caused a shipping container to display incorrectly at a certain point on the map has been fixed.
  • Training: The bug that caused some visual effects to display incorrectly when a player performed a stationary knife attack has been fixed.
  • Icebreaker: The bug causing some types of enemy not to use grenades when fighting with players has been fixed.
  • Sunrise: The bug that caused the energy shield to sometimes hang in the air for a while when being equipped has been fixed.
  • Sunrise (Act 2): The bug that meant the hint for equipping C4 displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
  • Sunrise (Act 3): The incorrect display of items when the player went over obstacles near them has been fixed.
  • Blackout: The bug that led to the incorrect production of sounds at the stage with the truck has been fixed.
  • Middle East: The bug that meant the player could jump out of the helicopter during the flight between mission stages has been fixed.
  • Training: The bug that meant the player could get stuck between elements of scenery has been fixed.
  • Some factors causing the player's personal stats not to update have been rectified.
  • The bug that caused a delay in the sound of disarming bombs if the player performed the action immediately after jumping has been fixed.
  • Shooting Range: The bug that meant moving objects didn't have visual prompts showing the possibility of interaction has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused the kill counter to freeze at 1023 has been fixed.
  • The visual artifact that sometimes appeared instead of a grenade explosion has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused the dust effect to display even in situations when the player was facing a smoke screen has been fixed.
  • The incorrect behavior of targets on the shooting range has been fixed.

See you in game!

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