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2019-10-07 09:26:47


In the next update, Destruction mode will get a new map: Studio. This time, the action unfolds on a film set with Mars Raid scenery.

Development History

The mode for the new map was chosen at random — Destruction has existed in Warface since the first days. However, it turned out to be too niche, which is why few players play Destruction nowadays. The reason for the mode’s low popularity is due to its basic rules — the victorious team gets an advantage because at each stage, the losing side loses passages and key positions for defending the capture point. There’s an obvious imbalance: those who suffer a defeat find it harder to regain the advantage, and the winning team has all the advantages, so the outcome of the battle is usually predictable.

To increase the popularity of Destruction and make its gameplay more fun and balanced, the Studio map changes the basic rules of the mode. Now the advantage in the form of new passages and advantageous positions will go to the losing side instead of the already winning team, and that means the losing side will have a better chance of taking revenge.

In establishing the setting of Studio, the development team wanted to break the usual mold in which the scene of the action is taken based on a geographical region. At the same time, there was still a desire to use a Martian setting, but how can you send soldiers to the Red Planet without space suits? So the decision was made to take the interior of a film studio as a basis with scenery from the Martian mission.

The map is a film studio with a multitude of the relevant accoutrements, such as professional equipment, scenery, big green screens for chrome keying and so on. Pyrotechnics add to the atmosphere in place of the classic airstrikes usually found in the mode, along with ‘movie-style’ voice commands during the battle.


As mentioned above, the Studio will differ in its gameplay from previous maps in Destruction mode — new passageways and advantageous positions will be opened up for the losing team.

The map is divided into several zones, the most important of which — the Core — is in the center of the location. The fiercest battles are fought here for the chance to set off pyrotechnics. After the first capture stage, the losing team unlocks a convenient raised sniper position that allows them to more effectively control the open areas and the exit from the Core. After the second destruction stage, access opens up to a second tier of the Core, which makes the gameplay even more interesting.

On one side of the Core is an extended sandy area which is best suited for snipers and riflemen, and on the other side is scenery for Martian greenhouses where engineers and medics can come into their own.


You can earn unique achievements by playing on the Studio map.


Prepare for battle and... cut, that’s a wrap!

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