Soon in game: new weapons and gear

2019-10-04 12:51:27


The next update will feature four new weapon models and equipment to stock up your arsenal. What are they? Read and see!


Soon you will be able to expand your armory with a mind-blowing AK-12, a modernized version of the famous Kalashnikov rifle. AK-12 in Warface sports first-rate specs: incredible damage, extraordinary range and comfortable recoil. The rifle will come in handy almost at any distance! Moreover, considering that it deals additional damage to limbs every impact will inflict substantial damage to the opponents.

Golden AK-12 is worth of a special highlight: while its flashy design is predictably amazing, the increased rate of fire, larger magazine and additional ammo make it overwhelmingly powerful. 


Apart from the standard attachments, AK-12 comes with 4 unique ones that will allow you to immediately adapt the arm to changing combat situations!

AK-12 suppressor
  • Improves penetration.
  • Reduces damage drop.
  • Slightly decreases recoil.
АК-12 silencer
  • Allows for stealthier shooting.
  • Reduces damage.
  • Increases accuracy.
АК-12 grip
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Decreases recoil.
  • Increases reload speed.
Romeo 4 collimator
  • Fast x1.3 zoom.
  • Decreases sway.

AK-12 will be a reliable friend in any heated battle!

Tavor TS12 Custom

Tavor TS12 Custom is a one-off shotgun that fires three-round bursts and boasts fast follow-up shots. One burst will eliminate any foe in a heartbeat! This weapon offers good accuracy while aiming and also excellent range. On top of that, the load-one-round-and-resume-fire system makes Tavor TS12 Custom lethal in close and medium range combat that fits Meds just perfectly.

The gun’s golden version sports impeccable looks, increased damage and a large capacity 18-round mag. 


Without a doubt, Tavor TS12 Custom will become the crown jewel of your collection!

Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm

Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm packs a superb punch: even one impact in the limb will be enough to kill a soldier wearing the most modern vest. The gun sports a low aiming speed resembling Bushmaster BA50, but boasts a higher rate of fire and excellent selection and deselection speed. The rifle comes equipped with two unique suppressors.

The weapon’s golden version offers awesome looks, increased hip fire accuracy and a large capacity 7-round mag. 


One shot - one dead body!


TEC-9 offers automatic firing mode, insanely high rate of fire, manageable recoil and a high capacity magazine. The gun will be most useful in close and middle range combat. The enemy managed to get too close? No worries! This weapon will make a great rear guard and become a reliable ally whatever surprises your opponents keep in store.

The illustrious golden version sports improved damage, slightly increased rate of fire and a larger capacity magazine holding 30 rounds. 


New gear

The ''Spectre'' line-up has been topped up! Welcome ''Sigma'' gloves and ''Beta'' gloves and boots. There will be a chance of getting these items by successfully completing Special Operations ''Sunrise'' and ''Black Shark'' on Hard difficulty.

Перчатки штурмовика «Спектр» (Сигма)
Sigma Rifleman Gloves
Increase hand protection by 20%.
Decrease recoil by 20%.
Перчатки медика «Спектр» (Сигма)
Sigma Medic Gloves
Increase hand protection by 20%.
Increase accuracy by 20%.
Перчатки инженера «Спектр» (Сигма)
Sigma Engineer Gloves
Increase hand protection by 20%.
Increase accuracy by 20%.
Перчатки снайпера «Спектр» (Сигма)
Sigma Sniper Gloves
Increase hand protection by 20%.
Decrease recoil by 15%.
Increase select and deselect speed by 10%.
Перчатки инженера «Спектр» (Бета)
Beta Engineer Gloves
Increase hand protection by 20%.
Increase reload speed by 20%.
Increase accuracy by 10%.
Перчатки медика «Спектр» (Бета)
Beta Medic Gloves
Increase hand protection by 20%.
Increase the speed of secondary melee attack by 10%.
Increase accuracy by 10%.
Ботинки медика «Спектр» (Бета)
Beta Medic Boots
Increase leg protection by 15%.
Increase slide distance by 30%.
Increase sprint distance by 50%.

How do you like it, soldiers?

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