Happy birthday, Warface!

2019-10-01 16:14:48


Battles have been in full swing on PlayStation and Xbox for a full year now. Several large updates have been released in that time, and dozens of weapon models and unique camouflage modules have been added. So much has happened that we can’t list it all! But we tried, and made a special infographic and video with some interesting statistics over the last year. We want to congratulate absolutely all our players and express our gratitude to them, both to new recruits that have just joined the Warface ranks and true veterans that got involved during the closed beta. This holiday is yours by right, soldiers, after all, you’re the main strength of Warface!



What’s a birthday without nice surprises? An updated holiday range of daily gifts awaits you in the game right now. Log into Warface every day and get useful items: exclusive holiday camouflages, rare festival grenades, in-game currency and even Kredits!

1-й день
2-й день
3-й день
4-й день
5-й день
6-й день
7-й день
8-й день
9-й день
10-й день

On top of that, a special achievement awaits absolutely all the players.

To get stripes, all you have to do is log into the game before October 15.

Increased Rewards

Can’t wait to try out the gifts and additions to the game store in battle? Hurry into the fray, increased rewards await you! Until 12:00 MSK on October 7, you’ll get a whole 100% more experience, Warface Dollars and supplier experience!




Want to go into PvE or try your skills in PvP? Tough question, because in-game events with valuable prizes await you in both!

PvE Event: One Year in the Ranks

Like PvE missions? Then this event is for you! Successfully finish the tasks on Pro level and the rewards will come quickly. There are great pistols and close-range weapons to be won, both temporary and permanent! There are no limits on the number of prizes won, and that means it all depends on you. More wins means more rewards!

SIG Sauer P226 C «Стужа» (1 час / навсегда)
Icebreaker SIG Sauer P226 (1 hour / permanent)
SIG Sauer P226 C «Магма» (1 час / навсегда)
Earth Shaker SIG Sauer P226 (1 hour / permanent)
Glock 18C «Магма» (1 час / навсегда)
Earth Shaker Glock 18C (1 hour / permanent)
S&W M&P R8 «Радиация» (1 час / навсегда)
Nuclear S&W M&P R8 (1 hour / permanent)
Тактический топор «Убийца зомби» (1 час / навсегда)
Black Shark Tactical Axe (1 hour / permanent)
Тактический топор «Стужа» (1 час / навсегда)
Icebreaker Tactical Axe (1 hour / permanent)
Тактический топор «Радиация» (1 час / навсегда)
Nuclear Tactical Axe (1 hour / permanent)
Катана «Радиация» (1 час / навсегда)
Nuclear Katana (1 hour / permanent)
Катана «Магма» (1 час / навсегда)
Earth Shaker Katana (1 hour / permanent)

More about the event

PM holiday season

Do you prefer PvP? Gifts await you there too! Leap into ranked battles, climb up the leagues and get special boxes in which you can find outstanding weaponry. Can you reach the top league? Then you’ll get a beautiful and deadly axe from the Radiation series!


More about the season

Holiday update for the store

Check out the in-game store, holiday offers are already waiting: fantastic guns for all classes with a nice discount and a special series of camouflages for them.


More about the additions

Let’s celebrate the anniversary together!

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