Fresh armory top up

2019-10-01 08:39:48


The festive camo series "Sexennial" premiers in the new shop update. They evoke nostalgia for your crazy teenage years. Drop the burden of problems and have proper fun with these naive and amusing skins.

Камуфляж для ножа M48 Bowie
Sexennial Skin for M48 Bowie Knife
Камуфляж для HArms CQR
Sexennial Skin for Hera Arms CQR
Камуфляж для Uzkon UNG-12
Sexennial Skin for Uzkon UNG-12
Камуфляж для LWRC SMG-45
Sexennial Skin for LWRC SMG-45
Камуфляж для Remington MSR
Sexennial Skin for Remington MSR
Камуфляж для Maxim 9
Sexennial Skin for Maxim 9

The knife skin can be obtained for free in the updated streak of prizes. We will tell you about it in detail later. Camos for the rest of the guns can be acquired in the armory at a reasonable fixed price. If you do not have a suitable arm, no worries - "Sexennial" can now be applied to weapon models which are now on sale with a 10% discount.

Don't miss the chance to get your hands on excellent guns that will surely come in handy: there are interesting events with valuable rewards to come. Let's start the Warface B-Day party on consoles!

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