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We keep a close eye on the questions you ask on our social media pages. Today we'll answer the most popular ones. Here we go!

Are you going to fix how rewards are earned in the next battle pass? Right now it takes a crazy amount of PvE missions to get all the helmets.
We are analyzing PvE mission statistics for the entire period of the current battle pass, and will make a decision about possible changes to this mechanic according to what this data shows us.

Will you fix PvP team balance? Enemy teams are often full of low-level or too weak/strong opponents.
The balance mechanic does not compare levels—it uses a certain parameter, which can be conditionally called "Skill". The calculation takes lots of different parameters into account. In PvP mode, Skill is calculated at the end of a match. The winner's Skill increases, and the loser's Skill decreases.

Character rank itself isn't a reliable parameter, because a high-level player might be a really successful long-time PvE player, but a weak PvP opponent.

The matchmaking system starts as soon as you click Play. The system first looks for players with the most similar skill level. If it can't find any suitable players for a certain period of time, the system starts expanding the search range above and below your skill level. If it still can't find players, the range continues to expand.

If you find yourself playing with much stronger or weaker players, there are two possible explanations. Firstly, this may happen during late stages of matchmaking search, when the player selection range has expanded as far as possible relative to your skill. This happens, for example, when you play less popular modes or play at times when there are not many players on the game server.

The second explanation is that a player may end up on a team with weaker players if the team has players in brackets, meaning they formed a party before starting matchmaking. Since players in a party display higher levels of teamwork, their skill is considered equal to the skill of the strongest player in the party. This means it's possible that one player inside the brackets may be significantly weaker.

Are there any changes to the clan system planned?
Yes, we have plans to make some changes. But we want to know your opinion before we put them into the game. What's your vision of our future clan system like? Offer your ideas and suggestions on special topics. We'll read all the messages we get and take all your ideas into account.

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Will there be channel separation? Rank 11 newcomers have a hard time because of high-level players.
Recently we started to receive a lot of complaints about channel separation. In the near future, we'll collect statistics on the number on players in channels and start thinking about making this system better.

Will there be boxes you can buy with crowns again?
We haven't rejected this possibility.

Where can I spend Warface Dollars?
Items you can buy with Warface Dollars will be added from time to time. Keep an eye on the game store updates.

Where's special operation Mars and the new weapon that the PC version already has?
Don't worry, this content will arrive very soon. We just need a little time to adapt it for the console version.

Will there be limits on what equipment can be used in ranked matches?
At the moment, we don't plan to limit it. If you have any constructive suggestions on how to make ranked matches better, please let us know in the corresponding topic.

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Will we ever see additional rewards in ranked matches (Kredits, weapons, etc.) again?
Additional rewards in ranked matches will appear in several special event seasons. By the way, expect the next one very soon!

Why can't I get the Syndicate skin for Kriss Super V Custom?
Don't worry, you'll get the chance to pick up this skin.

When will the Cyber Horde raid come out?
This raid will be available in late October.

When will we have tournaments?
Very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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