“Jaws” weapon skins and other new goods

2019-08-30 08:49:47


Reliable weapons are most heartening for any modern war fighter. The fresh shop supply brings Golden HCAR, the repeating shotgun Golden Fostech Origin-12, the rapid firing sniper rifle M14 Crazy Horse and a futuristic submachine gun Desert Tech MDR-C.

Золотая HCAR
Golden HCAR
Золотой Fostech Origin-12
Golden Fostech Origin-12
M14 Crazy Horse
M14 Crazy Horse
Desert Tech MDR-C
Desert Tech MDR-C

You can obtain these arms via direct sale in the game shop or try your luck opening the corresponding crates.

"Jaws" Skins

A pleasantly gleaming camo will make your favourite gun even more attractive placing you in the spotlight of your teammates’ attention. 

Riflemen can apply these jaw-dropping animated skins to assault rifles MSBS Radon and Hera Arms CQR, Meds to shotguns Fabarm P.S.S.10 and Uzkon UNG-12, Engineers to submachine guns H&K MP5A5 and LWRC SMG-45 while Snipers will be able to decorate their Steyr Scout and AT308.

See you in game!

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