The Spitfire PvE event is returning!

2019-08-22 13:13:03


The enemy is once again amassing forces in several regions. You must assemble a squad and do some battle scouting to learn what the opponent’s plans and numbers are. Plus, you’ll remind them that as long as Warface has brave soldiers like you, Blackwood’s schemes are doomed to fail.


Naturally, all participants will be rewarded for their achievements in battle: For every successfully completed PvE mission on Hard or Pro difficulty, you’ll receive a special box containing experience and useful consumables. What’s more, the luckiest among you will get the Jagkommando knife, either temporarily or permanently! There are no limits on the number of prizes you can win, which means it all depends on you. More victories—more rewards!

Knife jagdkom.png


The Jagdkommando is a unique three-edged knife, developed by an Austrian Special Forces unit, milled from a solid piece of stainless steel. It can withstand practically any load, and the three razor-sharp edges twist as they come to a point which can pierce most any modern armor dealing serious damage.

By the way, for the next few days, rewards will be increased, so participation in the event will be twice as nice!

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