Increased in-game rewards

2019-08-21 10:18:08

Dear players!

Due to the technical problems on the hosting platform of Warface in Amsterdam, the game servers were unstable for some time, which definitely made the game less enjoyable. We are grateful everyone showcased understanding during this situation and want to thank you with increased in-game rewards - there will be up to  + 100% bonuses! And this is not all that we have prepared for you - stay tuned!



Bonus size

Until 01:59 CEST on August 24 (23:59 UTC on August 23) +50% more EXP, arsenal points and Warface Dollars
From 02:00 CEST (00:00 UTC) on August 24 to 11:00 CEST (09:00 UTC) on August 26 +100% more EXP, arsenal points and Warface Dollars

Jump into action and crush your enemies with double energy!

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