Warface Update [30 of July]

2019-07-30 11:51:51


The latest update has gone live on Warface servers featuring "Spectre" gear, specs improvement of several guns, revamped "Widestreet" map, new weapons and skins and more. Be first to try them out!

"Spectre" Armor

The largest gear line-up codenamed "Spectre" is being gradually introduced into Warface. It will be composed of several dozens of items. Make the most of it to compile a unique bonus set that will suit perfectly your personal gameplay style!

In total, the series includes three armor groups: “Gamma”, “Delta” and “Sigma”. The first group “Gamma” which is the core of the series is already up for grabs as well as part of the second one “Delta”. Learn more about the ways of obtaining the items and about their specs in the dedicated articles.

Progression System Tweaks

Via the progression system players can unlock new gear, weapons and attachments with VP gained in battles. Every player seeks to get their hands on the desired objects and try them out as soon as possible; however, the process may take them quite a while.

You will keep your current progress for the next unlockable item. Let's say you've accumulated 2 431 VP out of 24 310 VP before the update - that is 10%. Now your progress will eaqual to 800 VP out of 8 000 VP - still 10%.

Please note that the new requirements for unlocking guns, gear and attachments will apply to the items still locked. The quantity of unlocked objects will remain the same.

New Weapons

The game client now boasts six new arms that will soon be supplied to the store: a top-tier Rifleman performer Stoner LMG A1, the shotgun Marlin 1894 Custom that uses slug rounds, the submachine gun SIG MPX SBR Custom firing four-round bursts, the famous Thompson M1928, the golden version of the familiar and favoured by many precision rifle McMillan CS5 and the pistol Maxim 9 with an integrated silencer.

Moreover, the game now features the ''Galaxy'' weapon series and ''Fiesta'' skins that will become the crown jewel of your collection!

Please, bear in mind that it may take certain weapons some time to appear in the game

You can read more about the guns in the dedicated articles.

Arsenal Improvements

The new guns are pleasant to wield but do not overlook the old models: their stats have been significantly improved which translates into new experiences and diversifies habitual gameplay.

Lear more about the changes!

Do you already own some of these cool arms?

Revamped ''Widestreet'' Map

One of the most popular Free for All maps "Widestreet" has been significantly improved in terms of appearance. As for the gameplay, there are no drastic changes; you will find the majority of key objects at their normal places, so it will be comfortable to orient in the field.

But for one difference: players will no longer be able to get up on the second floor of the high building in the centre of the map meaning that it will be impossible to secure this favourable vantage point and deal numerous death blows.

Visual overhaul includes improved map illumination and more vivid and realistic texture of surrounding objects. Thus, we managed to give the map a unique oriental touch and make it transparent enough to read the enemy well. There is less grass on the map so it will be more difficult to hide in it.

Read more about the map

Character Animation Improvements

Character animation has been improved in third person view. This is the first part of tweaks made to the following actions of male and female characters equipped with various weapon types:

  • start of running forward;
  • sprint start;
  • a step with a left or a right turn;
  • shift to the left or to the right;
  • shooting while moving to the left or to the right;
  • character's stillness;
  • walk backwards;
  • jump;
  • movement and shooting while crouching;
  • the character’s head position while sliding.

This is only part of the changes aimed to improve characters’ movements. We will go on working in this direction to deal with other animation issues in the upcoming updates.

Weapons and Armor

  • The weapon customization window has been improved: now it displays up to 9 attachments simultaneously without having to scroll them down.
  • K.I.W.I. set (4 items): now it increases sprint distance by 40% and reduces damage by 10 points per impact.
  • Melee Hit Gloves: reduced primary melee attack speed bonus to 20% (used to be — 30%).
  • Carbon Fiber Gloves: reduced primary melee attack speed bonus to 20% (used to be — 30%).
  • All Bayonets: increased melee attack range and radius.
  • Improved looks and icons of the Advanced Rifleman Scope, reflex sight Aimpoint Comp4s and Fast Mid-Range Scope 5x. Now some skins can be applied to them; moreover, the indicated scopes of the Medic and the Rifleman have a reworked reticle.
  • Golden attachments have been added for the ''Yellow Emperor'' weapon series.
  • AMP DSR-1: now the weapon pierces some protective vests with a single hit to the body.
  • AS50: more smooth reload animation.


  • Now game rooms will be dispersed if there are less than 6 players (24 players for Battle Royale).
  • Free for All: the total kill limit has been increased from 300 to 500 kills, the time limit remains the same.
  • Increased the number of points gained for control point captures in "Storm".
  • Now the private room interface has more understandable locked slots display.
  • Decreased resurrection time in "Destruction".
  • Now it is easier to get the "Brain Scorcher" achievement on the "Exclusion Area" map. Now it will require to obtain the "Skull Hunter" reward.


  • Training has been reworked:

     - it is shorter;
     - it has another kind of enemies;
     - the movement direction is now clearer; the location has become more action packed and impressive;
     - the location is now more interactive thanks to the increased number of objects that can be engaged.

  • Some aspects of the "Sunrise" SpecOp have been revamped:

     - reworked the transition to and out of the cut scenes before stealth sequences of the SpecOp (except for the "Hard" level of difficulty);
     - added new visual effects while using the mobile power shield;
     - gaming process tweaks that prevent unfair completion of the SpecOp and improve its gameplay;
     - visual tweaks to all the phases of the SpecOp;
     - fixed minor errors.

  • Now it is easier to get the set of achievements ''Tech Guru'' in the ''Black Shark'' SpecOp. You have to eliminate 100, 500 and 1000 turrents to get the first, the second and the third achievement respectively. The progress has also been recalculated, so the users who had eliminated 1000 turrets and more received all the three achievements.
  • Increased number of resurrections using ''Resurrection coins'' between the checkpoints in the following Special Operations: ''Anubis'', ''Pripyat'', ''Blackout'', ''Icebreaker'', ''Sunrise'', ''Earth Shaker'', ''Cyber Horde'' and ''Black Shark''. The number of resurrections is unlimited on ''Easy'' while on ''Normal'' it is limited to 5 resurrections and to 1 resurrection on ''Hard''.
  • Changed access requirements to SpecOps on various difficulty levels:

     - ''Easy'' — Rank 2;
     - ''Normal'' — Rank 11;
     - «Hard» — Rank 11 if the Special Operation has been completed on ''Normal''.

  • The SpecOps without difficulty levels are available starting from Rank 11.


  • Now a player will be automatically rewarded with the ''Best of the best!'' mark upon receiving 12 Season stripes for reaching the 1st League in Ranked Matches.
  • Improved client-service tools composing the game’s defense system.
  • The colour of certain icons of golden weapon Random Boxes is now standardized.
  • Added the ''Digital warrior'' achievement for the ''Forest'' weapon series.
  • The special offer interface has slightly changed.
  • The ''Balkans'' map left the daily PvE-mission rotation due to outdated visuals of the levels, mechanics and in general not being in line with the game standards.
  • SpecOp ''Sunrise'' (Act 1 and Act 2): the scaling of the mini-map has been changed to allow for its more comfortable use.
  • Multiple game localization corrections.

Bug Fixes

  • SPAS-12: fixed the error causing incorrect weapon animation.
  • PKP Pecheneg: fixed the error causing inconsistencies of the ''Flor de Muerto'' skin icon with the gun’s texture.
  • Dragunov SVU-AS: fixed the error causing incorrect rifle display in the character’s left hand in third person view.
  • М40А5: fixed the error causing default installation of the Fast Mid-Range Scope 5x instead of the Default Sniper Scope 5.5X when equipping the Tigerstripe and Desert Snake skins.
  • HCAR ''Yakuza'': fixed the error due to which the weapon’s attachments were available even if they were not unlocked via the progression system.
  • AX308, Barrett M98B: fixed the error due to which the ''Flor de Muerto'' skin could not be applied to the barrel attachments.
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ''Yakuza'': fixed the bug due to which the weapon’s attachments were available even if they were not unlocked via the progression system.
  • HCAR ''Yakuza'': the minimum damage, damage drop and other stats now equal those of the regular weapon version.
  • M1911A1: the specs of all the production versions of the pistol now equal those of the regular weapon version.
  • Golden Uzkon UNG-12: fixed the bug when the looks of the regular version with golden attachments were applied to the shotgun upon equipping the Platinum Skin.
  • Uzkon UNG-12:

     - fixed the bug when the ''Impulse'' skin was not applied to the attachemetns when equipped on the shotgun;
     - fixed the bug due to which the shot sound of Saiga-12 Spike was produced while shooting the shotgun.

  • HArms CQR: fixed the error due to which the actual aiming point did not correspond to the sight by default.
  • 'Platform'': fixed the error causing visual artifacts in some places of the map.
  • "Factory": fixed the unintended point where players became vulnerable among crates in the point "Hangar".
  • "Widestreet": fixed the error due to which after a character's death his weapon remained floating in midair.
  • "D17": fixed the error when crates between the points "Ambush" and "Garbage" disappeared.
  • "Bridges": fixed the unintended place where players became vulnerable in the respawn of the Blackwood team.
  • "Bridges": fixed the unintended point where players became vulnerable in "First Floor".
  • "Factory": fixed the unintended point where players became vulnerable in "Garbage".
  • "Widestreet": fixed the error due to which players, claymores or thrown guns could fall through the earth textures.
  • "Widestreet": fixed the error due to which some objects disappeared at a certain distance.
  • "Trailer Park": a trailer is no longer missing in the point "First Hangar".
  • "Blitz": the round now always finishes if the attacking team is eliminated.
  • Fixed the error causing new message notification to be displayed in the message box even after reading the message.
  • Fixed the error when pop up notifications of the message box covered the "BUY" button in the shop.
  • Fixed the error due to which the default arm was equipped upon selecting a weapon in the temporary gun expiry notification window.
  • Fixed the error causing production of visual and sound effects from grenades thrown in "Safe House" just before entering it.
  • Fixed the error causing weapon models of the fallen enemies get stuck in the earth textures is the player picked them up several times running.

See you in game!

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