Battle Pass: FAQ

2019-05-24 15:54:49


The first season of Battle Pass is in full swing. We read all your feedback and questions on social media carefully, and are glad to provide answers to some of the most popular ones. Here we go!

How many levels of Battle Pass are there in total? How do you I get a guaranteed K.I.W.I. series weapon?

After level 100, there are 250 additional levels. For reaching each one, you get a season box, which contains either a limited-time or permanent weapon. Like we've said before, if you get a limited-time reward from 49 season boxes, then your 50th box is guaranteed to contain a permanent weapon. Concurrently, once you reach the final level, you are guaranteed a complete collection of K.I.W.I. weapons, as shown in the list of rewards.

Will I need the same amount of experience to reach each new level?


Is it possible to get K.I.W.I. series gear and weapons in some other way, like in the store?

You can only get the gear as part of the first season of Battle Pass. The weapon models that are part of the event can't be obtained in any other way, however, if you're a huge fan of the unique K.I.W.I. weapon skins, then we suggest taking a look at the other, non-event-limited models with this color scheme. These can be purchased as part of special packs.

Can I collect my rewards after the event ends?

All rewards that you get from Battle Pass are automatically transferred to you in-game. The only exception is season boxes—you have to open these yourself. If you have unopened boxes when the event ends, then they will open automatically and the contents will be sent to your inventory.

Why do I get the same amount of Experience Points for all PVP modes if some of them take more time than the others?

Currently we analyze the statistics and look for the ways to readjust gaining the Experience Points in accordance with your time and effort. Here are the first results of this investigation: the amount of Battle Pass Experience Points you get for FFA matches has been readjusted. Now it respectively depends on your total kills: the more kills you make – the more XP you gain. We keep following the situation to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

Are you going to add any more PvP or Co-op missions and quests?

No, the current list of missions and rewards is the final version and won't change.

Is there any chance of the event being extended?

No, Battle Pass will end as scheduled on July 23 during our scheduled maintenance.

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