"Nuclear" weapon series - new weapons are here!

2019-04-16 08:16:44


Have you checked out the "Nuclear" guns already? The game store has received a replenishment of this series: Beretta ARX160 assault rifle, MAG-7 shotgun, Remington R11 RSASS semi-automatic sniper rifle and a sharp Katana are there to serve. All weapon stats are the same as in a normal version, so you will feel great under any circumstances!


Eliminate your enemies with these weapons and get colorful achievements.

You will be able to get the weapons of this series for Kredits at a fixed sum or try your luck by opening the corresponding boxes.

Engineer weapons

Not found a weapon for the engineer in the list? Do not worry, because for this class we have prepared something special - the golden version of the Desert Tech MDR-C SMG! It is characterized by easily controlled recoil, fast reloading and high damage, which allows you to pierce helmets even with a silencer. Thanks to these features, the gun will appeal to lovers of PvP mode, whereas the futuristic appearance of Desert Tech MDR-C will make it fun playing with it!

See you in game!

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