New Ranked Matches season is live!

2019-04-03 15:21:38


The new season brings heaps of rewards: in-game currency including Kredits, amazing guns, custom achievements, rare “Lake Bird” skins and more! Show’em what you are made of and grab the rewards. The season is limited in time and will last till April 30!

Current rewards

Advancing leagues awards some in-game currencies and boosters. You can get them only once, upon reaching a new league. If you drop to a lower league and then climb back up, you won't be able to get the rewards again this season.

Want to learn details? Watch the spoiler.

Game currency for climbing leagues
Base rewards
League WF Money Kredits Crowns
21 – 19  750    50
18  750    75
17  750  50  75
16 – 15  750    75
14   1 125    75
13   1 125  50  125
12   1 125    125
11   1 125    150
10   1 125  100  150
9 – 8  1 500    175
7  1 500  100  200
6 – 5  1 500    200
4  2 250  100  200
3 – 2  2 250    250
1  7 500  100  500
Total  32 625  500  3 225
Additional rewards
21 – 14   15% XP booster for 1 day
13 – 7   15% WF Money booster for 2 days
6 – 1   15% VP booster for 3 days

Current rewards: weapons and skins

Advancing leagues is extremely rewarding: aside various currencies, you can now also get Atlas weapons and skins!

20th League

Permanent Assault Rifle AUG A3 

16th League

AK-103 "Lake Bird" Skin 

14th League

Saiga Bullpup "Lake Bird" Skin 

12th League

Tavor CTAR-21 "Lake Bird" Skin 

11th League

McMillan CS5 "Lake Bird" Skin 

9th League

M16A3 "Lake Bird" Skin 

2nd League

"Lake Bird" Skin for Tactical Axe

1st League 

Permanent Tactical Axe

Please note that skins can only be applied to base versions of the weapons, so you need to have them in your inventory.

Seasonal rewards: achievements

Successfully completing a season can potentially award you stripes, badges and marks based on your performance during the season. While some of them might be easy to get, others will prove challenging! Advancing to the first league unlocks a custom achievement that can only be obtained during this season!

League Achievement
2 – 4

Seasonal rewards: weapon skins

Can't go wrong with some skins, and this time you can get the following series: Emerald, Jade Dragon, Urban, Wilderness and Jungle.

"Emerald" series

The flashy skins will make you feel that spring is in the air.

"Jade Dragon" series

You can get this skin by climbing to the third league or higher this season.

"Urban", "Wilderness" and "Jungle" series

You can get one of these skins by climbing to the fifth league or higher.

Please note that you only get one of these skins randomly as a reward.

See you in Ranked Matches!

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