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2019-03-15 09:59:45


The time has come to acquire supreme golden guns. These amazing weapons will help you to show the enemies who is the boss while your comrades will definitely want to have one to themselves.

PKP Pecheneg

This impressive submachine gun features high damage values, excellent range and good rate of fire. Thanks to its high-capacity magazine for 200 rounds you will be able to deter a whole hoard of enemies. Besides, its light recoil will pay off in PvP.


The DP-12 is like no shotgun that you have ever seen before. The one of a kind shotgun not only supports two magazine tubes but two barrels. No task will be unsolvable with its superb damage, excellent range of fire, good accuracy and large-capacity magazine!

Tavor CTAR-21

The golden Tavor CTAR-21 will make a good pick for Engineers. This submachine gun boasts first-rate combat specs and is easy to manage which makes it the best ally in combat for beginners as well as for professionals.


This heavy sniper rifle manufactured in England sports immense stopping power and unparalleled damage (350 points), thus, having a very high chance of making a one-shot kill. Its insanely high rate of fire will leave your target no chance to go on breathing.


This legendary assault rifle is a must have for any soldier. Although it does not offer the best recoil and range of fire values, there is no task the АК-47 failed to complete. Its unrivalled damage (85 points), high accuracy, fast reload and excellent piercing capability make it a lethal weapon in skillful hands!

Please note that the permanent AK-47 is available for Kredits or Crowns.

See you in game!

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