Fresh shop update for all classes

2019-01-25 11:03:06


Why is the soldier above so sad? He doesn’t have a good weapon. Don’t be like him, get yourself some cool guns right now! Regardless of the class you play, you’ll find a good weapon in the shop for it. Be sure you’ll need it – Pripyat is on the way!

M16A3 Custom. The all-time classics. High damage, good range, immaculate accuracy and smooth recoil make this assault rifle a must-have both for rookies and for veterans in Warface.

Winchester 1887. Remember the “Terminator”? Here’s the gun the main character was equipped with, and he surely did his homework in weaponry! No modules, you say? Huh. How about the highest damage of all shotguns paired with decent accuracy? Make your enemies suffer!

Micro-Roni CAA. This SMG is famous for its good damage, low recoil and a large 40-round clip. However, the main thing here is a wide variety of modules that allows you to change your tactics amidst the ongoing battle.

Remington MSR. One shot one kill? Ez. Impressive 350 damage and the longest range of all rifles in the game will make it possible to deal with any enemy while keeping them at bay. Your aiming skill is of the essence here, yet a good variety of sights, including Bushell, can help you make aiming convenient and suitable for your personal tactics.

See you in game!

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