Coming soon: a raid on Pripyat!

2019-01-22 14:41:49


The next update of the game will include a raid on Pripyat. The Warface squad is going into the most atmospheric abandoned city on the planet! The completely new enemies, unexpected dangers, and unpredictable twists and turns will leave you utterly speechless!

Pripyat Raid

In spite of a few setbacks, Blackwood is stubbornly pursuing its supersoldier project. Several bunkers and a giant tower have been erected in Pripyat, where, rumor has it, they are experimenting on human subjects. What is the true purpose of these structures? And what dangers lie in wait during your mission on enemy territory?

The Warface soldiers will be sent into the abandoned city. The time has come to get eyes on this whole thing. Chernobyl harbors many dangers, and Blackwood’s new technology leaves little chance of survival. Use teamwork—you can only face defeat on your own. You will have to cross the abandoned city, survive the darkness in the Blackwood laboratory, and reach the top of the skyscraper.

Can you solve the dark mysteries of Pripyat?

New Opponents

This conflict marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Warface and Blackwood. You will see brand new enemies who will treat you to some truly unique experiences.

Infected. Old model cyborgs. Used exclusively for work.

SED. A dangerous new enemy. Protected from all attacks besides melee weapons. Deals massive damage from a distance and can utterly destroy everything within a radius of a few meters.

APC-3000. A Blackwood tank with heavy artillery on board.

Turrets. Now equipped with protective force fields that will be most difficult to take down.

Medusa. An airborne drone. It’s vulnerable spots are protected by layers of armor. It is armed with a powerful machine gun.

Mantis. A terrifying aerial opponent with incredible defense. It’s armor can only be pierced by the joint efforts of your whole team! 


For completing the Pripyat raid, you can receive awe-inspiring weapons from the new Radiation series: the PKP Pecheneg, DP-12, Honey Badger, Remington R11 RSASS, M1911A1, and tactical axe. All the guns have a unique iridescent paint job that will amaze and astound! Naturally, a kill with one of these weapons will net you unique stripes.


Achievements for Raid Success

The most successful fighters in this special operation will get 20 new unique achievements, 8 of which are secret. To get all the tokens and stripes, you’ll have to do more than defeat a thousand enemies—you’ll have to really stretch your thinking muscles too!

Perform 333 triple headshots in the Pripyat raid

Restore 5,000 HP to your teammates in the Pripyat raid

Eliminate the Mantis on Hard

Destroy 5 APCs

Complete the Pripyat raid as a Rifleman on Hard Complete the Pripyat raid as a Medic on Hard
Complete the Pripyat raid as a Sniper on Hard Complete the Pripyat raid as an Engineer on Hard
Perform 222 double kills in the Pripyat mission Eliminate 5,000 enemies in Pripyat using golden weapons
Complete the Pripyat mission on Hard without being killed Kill 20 SEDs in Pripyat on Hard

Secret Achievements

Blackwood's actions in Chernobyl may trigger a new ecological disaster. You must stop the enemy at all costs!

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