Golden weapons and discounts on the "Earthshakers"

2019-01-18 12:02:48


Let's get ready for a weekend rumble! Have a tasting, we've got an awesome selection of golden guns and to top that off, discounts on the searing-hot "Earthshakers". Battle on!

Gold Reserve

Riflemen will be able to pick up a true gun to highlight their versatility: the Golden Enfield L85A2.  This weapon stands out for its ability to fire three-round short bursts. The rifle has a weak and easily controllable recoil, good damage, a high rate of fire and excellent range, which makes the Enfield L85A2 a fearsome weapon at practically any range!

Medics can opt for the luxurious Fabarm STF 12 Compact. Few rifles can challenge its striking power with borderline absurd 700 points of damage! Other stats won't leave you short with an impeccable effective range and a high—for a pump-action shotgun—rate of fire, paired with the innate ability to load up one shell at a time. Put them down or put them out, with a bang! 

Engineers will be to track their target with an utmost precise Tavor CTAR-21. This marvel of Israeli engineering combines excellent combat specs and is quite simple to handle — a reliable gun well-suited to newcomers and veterans alike.

Snipers? Try to stay sane with the M14 Crazy Horse. The gun packs 350 points of damage — an incredible value for its class — and a high rate of fire (75 points), while its main strength comes from the semi-automatic firing mode and a 10-round mag. Waste no time while you make every shot count!  

Discounts on the "Earthshaker" series

So many guns, can't make up your mind? Get them all — the "Earthshaker" set is now 20% off!


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