Coming soon: New PvP Maps

2019-01-25 15:36:34


The January update will see the arrival of new PvP Maps! Face off in team deathmatch in an abandoned city, capture control points in a quarry, and survive in an exclusion area.

District No. 4 map, Team Deathmatch mode

The action happens in the abandoned city of Pripyat, in one of its districts. This area has serious strategic importance and will be an excellent base from which to deploy field headquarters to coordinate the upcoming special operation. But there’s just one problem: the enemy has also decided to occupy this district. We'll have to explain to them that was a bad idea.

When Supreme Commander Lee Wharton learned about the upcoming battle, he decided to lead the squad personally, but his old knee injury prevented him from doing so. This made him particularly upset, as he really wanted to get back into action...

Exclusion Area map, Battle Royale mode

According to intelligence reports, Mantis, one of Blackwood’s secret developments, crashed in this area. Scavengers looking for easy money descended on the crash site like flies, and for good reason: parts from this monster can go for a fortune on the black market. You’ll have to head there and deal with anyone you see. This technology should be ours and ours alone!

Background radiation is through the roof, and outside the safe zone you will find only certain death. Which is better: to set up an ambush in one of the ruined houses, or try to get to the wreck of Mantis to find its secret weapon? Make your choice. You will only have 6 minutes to outlast the others and be the sole survivor in the Exclusion Area.



Armageddon Map

Events unfold on the grounds of a Nevada mining complex. The battle will happen among construction machinery, outbuildings, and pipelines, both within the underground workings and on the surface.

Your team is tasked with capturing and holding three key points, which will allow us to start gaining control over the territory. Spread your forces wisely to handle defense of the points under your control while trying to capture new ones, and victory will be yours!

Prepare for battle! We’ll be moving out soon!

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