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2022-09-15 16:25:42


A fresh update has been installed on the game servers. It features brand-new content including the "Knockout Trials" PvP event with lots of cool novelties: a PvP mode with unique gameplay and new rules, a new "Gas Station" map, the updated Buckled Lupara and bug fixes. A new agent with themed contracts, a new submachine gun KH9-EX for Engineers as well as the Vepr VPO-X3 for Medics will soon be available in the game. Read on to learn details!

New content

“Knockout Trials” Event

We are glad to present to you a new in-game event! You are in for lots of rewards for specials contracts and hot PvP combats.

PvP mode "Knockout Trials"

The mode can be described as a mix of "Team Deathmatch" and "Bag and Tag" — you will have to combine joint efforts if the team wants to win, and its participants will have to try and stay alive as long as possible.

At the beginning of the battle, each player has one skull token. When a player is eliminated, a skull with a counter will appear in their place. The counter displays the number of skulls that the player lost after their death. The player who picks up the skulls will increase theirs and their team's number of accumulated skull tokens. The winning team will be the one whose participants will manage to save or accumulate more skulls than their opponent team by the end of the match.

The teams will consist of six players and take place on the updated maps of the "Plant the Bomb" mode — "Gas Station", "Pyramid Modern", "Destination Modern", "D17 Modern" and "Bridges Modern".

You can find more details about the new event in a dedicated publication or in a video below.



“Gas Station” (“Plant the Bomb”)

Good news for fans of the classic "Plant the Bomb" mode — a new map has appeared in the game! "Gas Station" is a colorful map with a futuristic design. It features unique destruction mechanics: players can blow up doors and gates, and, thus, gain more tactical options.


But there is an important detail! Although players get more ways to attack by destroying objects, the explosion sound will give out their position.

Play on the new map and leave feedback about the new gameplay features on the "Gas Station" map.

“Knockout Trials” Event Contracts

Complete themed event contracts and get cool items from a special box and unique achievements.


Updated Buckled Lupara

The new secondary weapon will become a reliable ally for Snipers. It sports high damage and an excellent rate of fire. It will help you at close range if the enemy caught you by surprise when you are out of ammo.

The combination of its advantages is offset by a lower magazine capacity and moderate range — you will have to shoot accurately, firing at long distances will not work. The weapon is very effective in combat, but requires increased concentration.

Please note: players who already have the Buckled Lupara will receive a new item with updated specifications.

“Raider” Series

This weapon series is indispensable to survive out in the wild. The weapons are fixed with the blue electrical tape, but they are time-tested and have excellent characteristics! The series includes the IMBEL IA2 Assault, SIX12 AUTO-SD, Desert Tech MDRX, Barrett M82A1 and the Hunting Knife.

IMBEL IA2 Assault
Desert Tech MDRX
Barrett M82A1
Hunting Knife

Charm and Achievements

You can get themed customization items by completing the contracts. Decorate your profile and arms with the novelties!


  • Added eSports content: new items and achievements.
  • RM: added a set of items and achievements.

Content Changes

Weapon Specs

IMBEL IA2 Assault (all versions):

  • reduced range and speed of grenades;
  • changed the trajectory of special grenade launcher;
  • increased range of fire (from 425 to 465);
  • softer recoil.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed visual artifacts on holo scopes.
  • Kel-Tec KS7: fixed a bug due to which the weapon icon was displayed incorrectly.

Soon in Game

New Content

Vepr VPO-X3

The Vepr VPO-X3 is a new weapon for Medics. If you like weapons firing short bursts, this new one is for you! The Vepr VPO-X3 is a semi-automatic shotgun capable of firing 3-round bursts with a minimal delay. At close ranges, this shotgun is guaranteed to eliminate the enemy by hitting any part of the body, regardless of the equipment worn. This advantage is offset by a short firing range and the lack of possibility to reload one round at a time. Attachments include a unique scope and a special suppressor, as well as a standard set of barrel modifications.

We will tell you more about the ways of getting the weapon in separate publications.


We are glad to present to you a new weapon for Engineers. The gun is equipped with unique attachments that cannot be replaced with standard modifications. Its silencer does not reduce damage, while the grip reduces recoil. One of the unique sights (2x) indicates the distance to the target. In terms of the specifications, the model is close to the SAR 109T Specs: it has increased damage, improved rate of fire, excellent accuracy and impressive range of fire, offset by the minimum damage values, moderate head and limbs damage multipliers and most importantly — recoil which is more difficult to control.

We will tell you more about the ways of getting them later.

Agent Taishan Pack

The agent's pack includes "Avalanche" weapons and camos, a Medic suit, a special weapon charm and achievements designed in the agent's style. You will be able to get the items by completing new contracts. The contracts will be available soon, stay tuned for news.

See you in the game!

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