Soon in game: Battle Pass "First Division"

2022-06-22 08:16:38


We see that you are fully ready for a new Battle Pass season. And we are glad to announce that it will be launched with the next large-scale seasonal update. "First Division" offers lots of cools rewards — you will be able to get the best arms for all classes. Let's move on to the details.


Battle Pass Rewards

One of the main features of the upcoming Battle Pass season are unique rewards. The global operation will offer cool weapon models with competitive characteristics, it will be exciting to hunt for such guns. You will be able to replenish your arsenals with them and effectively fight in all modes. The coming season's prizes will feature no gear.

We are sure that the rewards should be worth the efforts — it is fair to all parties. Therefore, the total amount of experience required to fully unlock the Battle Pass progression has been increased in comparison with the previous season, where the rewards for completing missions had a lower value. In future, the Battle Pass difficulty will also depend on the value of its prizes. The items below serve as an example of the new rewards.

You will have 60 days to unlock all levels. There are 50 levels in the BP progression. You can still take part in the event for free. Just like in the previous season, free Battle Pass access opens only some rewards (marked as "Free") including cool thematic guns. You can check the full list of Battle Pass prizes in the table below. 

Level Reward Access Type Level Reward Access Type
1 "Space" Stripe Premium 26 Ultimate Flashbang Charm Premium
2 Ultimate Karambite Charm Free 27

Ressurection coins (25 pcs.)

3 "Ultimate Engineer" Badge Premium 28 "Ultimate Force" Camo for AWP Premium
4 "Ultimate Medic" Badge Premium 29 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium
5 "Ultimate Sniper" Badge Premium 30 Gilboa Snake DBR "Maximum Force" Free
6 "Ultimate Rifleman" Badge Premium 31 "Hologram" Mark Premium
7 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 32 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
8 "Orbit Map" Stripe Premium 33 "Ultimate Force" Camo for IWI Galil ACE 23 Premium
9 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 34 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
10 Mateba Autorevolver "Maximum Force" Free 35 DVL-10 М2 "Maximum Force" Free
11 "Holo Sight" Mark Premium 36 Ultimate Flashlight Charm Premium
12 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 37 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
13 "Ultimate Force" Camo for IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle Premium 38 "Ultimate Force" Camo for Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima Premium
14 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 39 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
15 KA-BAR Kukri Machete "Maximum Force" Free 40 HX Outdoors Trident "Ultimate Force" Free
16 Ultimate Helmet Charm Premium 41 "Arena" Badge Premium
17 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 42 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
18 "Ultimate Force" Camo for SIX12 AUTO-SD Premium 43 "Ultimate Force" Camo for Tavor CTAR-21 Special Premium
19 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 44 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
20 IWI Carmel "Maximum Force" Free 45 Walther P99 "Ultimate Force" Free
21 "AI Interface" Badge Premium 46 Ultimate Headphones Charm Premium
22 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 47 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
23 "Ultimate Force" Camo for SAR 109T Specs Premium 48 "Ultimate Force" Camo for Barrett MRAD Mk22 Premium
24 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 49 Mega VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium
25 Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 "Maximum Force" Free 50 S&W M&P R8 "Ultimate Force" Premium

Moreover, upon reaching level 30 in the Battle Pass, you will unlock four one-time class-specific contracts yielding increased BP XP and excellent weapons as an ultimate reward. There will also be a repeatable contract available awarding an exclusive box with powerful golden weapons: IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, TX-15 SBR and Barrett MRAD Mk22. Check out the details below. Click on the image to see more.

Will you be able to qualify for the First Division? 

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