April Update Hotfix [12.05]

2022-05-12 08:10:58


A hotfix for the April update has been installed on the game server. The main changes include fixes for crashes and some in-game issues. Read more below!

Content Changes

  • "Hangar" map is now back in the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing recoil in the Safe House as well as reduced recoil in matches.  
  • A bug due to which some players cannot see some of their skins in the game. 
  • A bug due to which some skins cannot be properly equipped.
  • An issue when the “Agent Spark” skin can be equipped only for Medics.  
  • A bug due to which enemies do not attack the player at a certain place in the “Heist” special operation. 
  • Kick/surrender voting doesn’t work in RM or QP PvP or PvE.
  • A bug due to which squad icons were moved into the lower left corner of the screen. 
  • A bug due to which scopes were not working properly on DVL-10 M2 sniper rifles. 

Fixed scopes:


  • Basic Rifleman Scope
  • Advanced Rifleman Scope
  • MCA Rifleman Scope


  • Pistol scope 2X


  • Advanced SMG Scope
  • MCA SMG Scope

Know issues

This section includes the rest of the problems. We will continue to investigate them; however, we can expect fixes for these issues in several updates or after a certain time.

  • IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle has lower damage than it's supposed to.
  • A bug due to which x2 scopes are black and players cannot see through them
  • A bug due to which an achievement for completing “Heist” does not appear in the “achievements” section.
  • A bug due to which players do not respawn on the checkpoint after death and cannot proceed to the next stage during “Heist”.
  • A match invitation interface bug.
  • A bug due to which the progression in Ranked Matches is not displayed correctly. 
  • A bug due to which, when a player is killed, the weapon name is no longer displayed in the game.
  • Some of the achievements have disappeared from the game after their completion conditions changed.
  • A bug due to which the Marlin 1984 Custom makes no sounds. 
  • Play <touch> button on Switch WF game cover doesn’t work
  • In some cases the display turns yellow while playing "Heist".
  • Comics are unavailable at the beginning of some Special Operations.
  • Some weapons are displayed incorrectly in the main menu.
  • Missing Easter Egg achievement in "Heist".

Thanks for your patience.

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