Icebreaker Update (December 18)

2018-12-18 15:54:22


The latest update is here! It includes the Icebreaker raid, new PvP maps for several modes, and dozens of new achievements. You definitely won't be bored!

Icebreaker Raid

The December update brings the new Icebreaker raid to the game. This time, the enemy is determined not only to win the battle, but take down Warface at its very roots by destroying the main base. This act is clearly retaliation for blowing up the Black Shark tower.

Blackwood's forces have launched a simultaneous attack from the sea and the air. Our enemy is using experimental weaponry, modernized military helicopters, and heavily armed cruisers. We're also up against assault squadrons containing both enemies that we already know and entirely newly equipped opponents. We should expect anything and everything.


More about this raid

New PvP Maps

It's time to battle somewhere new! You can now play five new maps in the game:


  • Trailer Park map, Team Deathmatch mode. The zone of action here is a typical American suburb. The battlefield is full of single-story houses, trailers, hangars, technical facilities, and desert flora. Pay attention to the airport next to this sector. Planes flying over this zone sometimes turn it into a dust storm, and visibility practically falls to zero.
  • Destination map, Plant the Bomb mode. The battle takes place on the roof of a skyscraper. The roof itself is not particularly big, but it has several levels: ventilation shafts, greenhouses, and crawl spaces, so there are many ways to get to the same spot. Make sure you watch all around you: an attack could appear from anywhere!
  • Invasion map, Storm mode. The fighting unfolds in urban areas. Densely packed buildings, with old and new ones side by side. The highest points will most likely be occupied by snipers, because there they can easily keep most areas in their sights. We recommend you find ways around them, and don’t forget to watch your step: there might be mines among the trash.
  • Platform map, Blitz mode. You'll be landing on a two-story oil rig in the Atlantic ocean near the southern shores of Argentina. There is a massive bomb on the upper floor, and, well, you know what to do.
  • Subzero map, Domination mode. This location is probably familiar to you: the events of the Cold Peak raid occurred here a while back. The battle will take place in harsh winter conditions. You can move between objects out in the open, or through the trenches if you want to double back on the enemy and surprise them. But don't get caught up in shooting, because your main objective is to capture and hold the control points.

Take 1st place on the Destination map 25/50/100 times

Win 10/25/50 matches on the Destination map

Take 1st place on the Platform map 25/50/100 times

Win 10/25/50 matches on the Platform map

More about these maps

A Warface Christmas

Even during war, the holidays still come as scheduled! Now available: two familiar maps with an unusual decorations, themed weapons, and, of course, gifts!

Hangar: Christmas Edition. Everyone's favorite PvP map has magically transformed: there are holiday decorations everywhere, real snowmen have appeared, and presents have been carefully placed under trees. But who did all this? Take a glance upward, and you're sure to solve this mystery.

Residence: Christmas Edition. This map will also put you in the holiday spirit. In the middle of a snowy forest, at the country home of none other than Oberon White, you'll find an explosive party! But where is the homeowner himself? Maybe he left to get tangerines. We advise you to wait for him to return, but in the meantime, get to know the other guests: based on the number of shoes in the entryway, there must be an entire team there!

A new line of gifts for daily logins. Log in to Warface every day and get useful holiday-themed items: colorful weapons from the Radiance series, Crowns, VIP boosters, and even premium in-game currency! More info

Holiday equipment. There is unusual armor waiting for you in the game store. It's equally well suited for a battle or a party! Of course, the bright red color might not be the best for camouflage, but at least you definitely won't freeze. More info

Other Changes

  • In observer mode for Battle Royale, the class icon next to the player's name has been removed.
  • Improved game client stability.
  • Fixed error that caused the game to freeze up at launch.
  • Fixed error that caused duplicate friends in the contact list.
  • Fix some localization errors.

Ho-ho-ho, soldiers!

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