Agent "Sledgehammer" already in game!

2021-09-24 06:05:27


The new agent is already available in Warface! Meet Barney "Sledgehammer" Cross, a fighter of the "Hammer" Squad. Barney has mastered weapons and the art of war and is a brave medic. These qualities make him a reliable companion in combat.


Barney "Sledgehammer" Cross is a former secret service officer under the president. He was the most devoted man of "Uncle Sam" for 15 years. Barney had to retire after being seriously injured in an attack on the president at a G8 summit. 

After ending his career, he founded a security agency "Hammer", which ensures the safety of high-profile persons. Familiar with all intricacies of the secret service, Barney "Sledgehammer" effortlessly manages his organization, easily solving the most complex security issues. He also keeps warm memories about the past and takes part in operations, especially in the hottest spots. The harder the battle, the better!

Since Barney is a tactical medic by specialization, he tries to adhere to the principle of "everyone will return home safe."

Watch the trailer to learn more about Sledgehammer's story:

Along with the character skin of the "Hammer" Squad, new weapons of the "Iceberg" series (the AK-15 Custom, TEC-9, Tavor CTAR-21 Special and Karambit) have appeared in the game.

Please note: The skin can be used by all classes despite its name. 

The "Hammer" set contains unique themed weapon charms. Decorate your arms with the novelties!

Naturally, there are brand new achievements that can be earned by dealing killing blows to enemies using the new weapons as well as unique achievements set in the style of the agent "Sledgehammer". Destroy opponents with weapons from the "Iceberg" series to get new spoils of war and decorate your profile with them!

New contracts

New contracts featuring brand new items are already in game! 


Good luck!

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