Compensation for the recent issues on NS servers

2021-09-17 15:16:44


As you already know, last week we faced some technical issues and had to turn off Nintendo Switch servers for more than 24 hours. We know that this situation caused a lot of frustration among the players and how exhausting the waiting can be, even if it is for the content which players were waiting for a month. 

So this is what awaits players in the near future as compensation for waiting: 

  • Increased server and BP rewards (+100%) during the weekend as the best way compensation for waiting is a chance to catch up with others;
  • WF$ boxes with the following guns are waiting for you in game: HArms CQR, Uzkon UNG-12, LWRC SMG-45, AX308
  • Starting from next Thursday (23.09) you will get various guns for 1 day on a daily basis till the 27th of September. The guns are the following: CZ 805 BREN A2, Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm, АМ-17, Kel-Tec KS7. A good way to try out a cool weapon, isn’t it? 

We wish you a nice weekend in Warface. It’s time for “Heist”! 

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