2021-03-26 17:36:22

Hi, everyone! We’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is we improved the hit registration along with fixing multiple other bugs.
The bad news is we’ve been receiving a higher number of inquiries related to crashing. Our tech team will be working over the weekend to solve this problem and we’ll keep you posted on when the fix hits soon. 
In the meantime please contact our Support Staff if you encounter this problem. Yes, we know how much you don’t like doing this, however it is necessary and drastically increases the speed of fixing these errors. 

Have a great weekend, we’ll stay in touch!

And here is the list of the latest fixes:

- Improved hit registration 
- You can now attach charms to the AMB-17
- Fixed an issue when exiting the BP screen after buying kredits in the shop
- Fixed an issue where the Hard Rock contract would be listed in the wrong category
- Fixed an issue when players would crash when switching between channels or during loading screens
- Fixed an issue when armor rarity would be displayed incorrectly
- Fixed an issue with the texts in the tutorial area
- Fixed an issue when during PVE missions the Heavy Gunner and Mech wouldn't take any damage
- Fixed an issue with the charms from the Battle Pass

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