Golden weapons and other new addition for flashy victories!

2018-10-30 10:52:18


Two golden guns, the Black Shark series, and other new items hit the shop today. Choose the weapons that speak to you!

Enfield L85A2 Gold Version

The British Enfield L85A2 Custom and its gold version are in stock in the game store for the first time. This weapon stands out for its ability to fire three-round short bursts. The rifle has a weak and easily controllable recoil, good damage, a high rate of fire and excellent range, which makes the Enfield L85A2 a fearsome weapon at practically any range!

You'll get a special achievement for killing 999 enemies with the gold version.

In addition, you can decorate the standard version of the rifle with an unusual camouflage.

AS50 Gold Version

AS50 semi-automatic sniper rifle and its golden version are now in the shop.

This English high-caliber rifle has incredible killing power and a crushing 350 damage, so there’s a good chance you’ll only need one shot. But even if the target is still breathing after the first hit, the rifle’s excellent rate of fire will quickly fix that.

Think you can you kill 999 enemies with the golden version of this rifle? Great! The achievement will be yours in no time.

"Black Sharks" guns are here!

The stores have been resupplied with the "Black Shark" series weapons! If you find yourself suddenly facing an enhanced enemy, don't worry — these guns employ custom rounds designed to deal 20% more damage to all cybernetic enemies!

Fabarm STF 12 Compact
XM8 Compact
Steyr Scout

Eliminate 15 000 enemies with each of these guns to earn memorable stripes, listed above. Apart from that, these guns can help you unlock additional achievements!

Honey Badger

Engineers can add to their arsenal with the silent Honey Badger SMG. It’s a great choice for anyone who is used to being stealthy and careful: thanks to the integrated silencer, your position won’t be revealed. Your enemy will never see death coming. Additionally, you can swap the standard skin for an eye-catching weapon camo.

Conquer in style!

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